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  1. Hey everyone, Just wanting to know when we should expect these Pan's steelbooks to arrive? Best, AlexThien
  2. Where were you able to obtain that lenticular etc. ? Might I ask
  3. I agree, the history behind DC is much richer than their counterpart comic book brother. I love the Justice League characters so much more but they've had a very rough start of it and Marvel Studios are geniuses when it comes to making a good superhero movie.
  4. Who can I talk to about getting how to get gold membership status? I see some get preferential treatment on first orders for newly posted steelbooks. Like the blufans Black Panther steelbooks for example. I'm very new to this and groupbuys etc.
  5. Hey everyone just wanted to say hi. Glad to be apart if the community. My love and obsession for steelbooks led me here and I realize I shouldve joined much sooner. Cant wait to expand my DC and Marvel steelbook collection in the coming years as the industry continues to grow and change. DC will have theie hands full coming up to match pace and replace the talent soon to be leaving Marvel after Infinity War I suspect. Cant hold my excitement for DC movies and the slew of blufan steelbook variations yet to come. Feel free to reply back with any comments, predictions on the foreseeable steelbook and movie industry or introductions. Thanks
  6. Welcome to our new member AlexThien

    1. AlexThien


      Thanks. Sorry for the late reply.

    2. AlexThien


      Are you the moderator for new USA members. I'd like someone I can resort to with questions about my first order. I'd love to get started on the Black Panther one as well if possible.

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