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  1. The 2001 edition ended up being ~$90 all in iirc
  2. Had to deal with this at the height of my vinyl record collecting a couple years ago, until we had to put downpayment on our house and was a couple grand short- she was like " what are we going to do?!" Me: "eh, I'll just sell a few records" Her: "you can make $2k selling records in a week?" Me: "yeah, I just need to post 4 or 5 for sale" granted they were some pretty desirable ones and one made top five sales for a record on discogs for the month, but sometimes you gotta demonstrate the value of your collectibles to earn future leeway. Reached a similar point with movies when she saw that dark knight motherbox.. still gotta earn leeway this side now too
  3. And that's why I try to buy a barebones steel or basic 4k or 3d edition to play, and leave mine sealed. Took me a year to open my BF fanstastic beasts and that was because guests wanted to watch it and I didn't have a basic edition to play
  4. Has wcl ever done 4k yet? Goodfellas would be a good first try if not
  5. First off, great list here overall. I Would absolutely love gbatu if it had the right love put in- good call. Dr strangelove is one of my all-time favorites, and I love time bandits, but I hesitated from putting these or other criterion bluray releases on my list because I didn't see any wcl releases the criterion has done before, or that many other premium publishers have succeeded with. I put the criteria in because of how wcl has chosen releases historically- I'm sure there's always the right kinds of situations where they would put a release together if they thought they had something significantly different to offer or demand to fill, despite what other premiums or criterion editions may exist
  6. Would love strange days or fright night, if there was enough demand- awesome movies each in their own right
  7. Beauty and the Beast did good for fa. I bet Aladdin and Lion King fare similar, with Dumbo more in the jungle book range. If there was a Disney title they missed out on though, it was Tron Legacy imo..
  8. Discussion of Heat led to consideration of an expanded set for it, and got me thinking What would be your top choices for any movie that wcl premium treatment should be given to? I think expanded sets, should be a solid mix of cinematically rich, quality plot, and has strong replayability. Ideally I think 4k scan availability should also be a strong consideration, but not a requirement. It should not have had a premium release by another brand, be by disney(sorry Tron Legacy), and probably shouldn't be apart of a broader series or have a notable sequel (sorry indiana jones and back to the future) due to licensing complexity Personally, my top five would be: Usual Suspects Spies Like Us Apocalypse Now Book of Eli The Crow How about yours?
  9. We need more conversation on these boards, above/beyond exclaimations and core group buy updates: most importantly consideration of new editions against previous ones, details of the actual film quality in releases, etc. Means less cross-forum referencing I need to do😉
  10. Agreed @ksosk just got the holofoils- quite a nice touch. Thank you
  11. I really wish wcl had held out until the inevitable 4k release of Heat to put this out.. At least with Great Escape I know the 4k scan from a few years back on bluray is the best we're going to get for the foreseeable future
  12. Interesting- may have to check this one out
  13. Wow, those lentis are not very good- was expecting more from this release

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