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Masterblaster's Feedback

  1. mwatkins02 left Positive feedback   

    Packaging was fantastic as usual. And speedy delivery. Thank you very much. Great job!

    Masterblaster was The Seller

  2. Mixpower left Positive feedback for a topic   

    SELL2001 : A Space Odyssey 4K and 2D Bluray !! [WCL Exclusive #017]
    Thanks again John for the great buy! Until next time for sure!

    Masterblaster was The Seller

  3. Veum left Positive feedback   

    Thanks so much big John for getting me this great WeET Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, it is beautiful, you're the "best" Boss! :-)

    Masterblaster was The Seller

  4. cypheria078 left Positive feedback   

    Thank you John for selling me premium editions at fair price 😍.

    Masterblaster was The Seller

  5. CAYENNE-FAHRER left Positive feedback   

    thanks for getting from Incredibles 2 from Best Buy

    Masterblaster was The Seller

  6. Wail left Positive feedback for a topic   

    WANTED How to train your dragon HDZeta lenticular slip
    I received it in a perfect condition. Thank you very much for the fast shipping and the great packing.

    Masterblaster was The Seller

  7. R1s1ngs0n left Positive feedback for a topic   

    SELL[WCL Exclusive #017] 2001 : A Space Odyssey (4K + 2BD) (Digipak)
    Excellent all around. Many many thanks!

    Masterblaster was The Seller

  8. Txaggie left Positive feedback   

    Smooth transaction item looks great Thank you

    Masterblaster was The Seller

  9. AnnStellCol left Positive feedback   

    I need to use more this tool. Many thanks for all packages that were sent! The last one was a quiet place one click boxset.

    Masterblaster was The Seller

  10. Veum left Positive feedback   

    Thank You so much for getting me TDK Trilogy & Black Panther Oneclick, you are the "best" John. You have treated me as if I've been with MP forever since I just joined in March '19... love you all @ MP!!!

    Masterblaster was The Seller

  11. Txaggie left Positive feedback   

    Nice to deal with ship fasted and it looks great

    Masterblaster was The Seller

  12. Stefano left Positive feedback   

    This guy is the Man. He's always helping me out with questions and of course hooking me up with awesome steels.

    Masterblaster was The Seller

  13. hummels23 left Positive feedback   

    Thor: The Dark World (Blufans) P-e-r-f-e-c-t my friend !!! :-)

    Masterblaster was The Seller

  14. Petedogg50 left Positive feedback   

    Black Panther Blufans. Thanks Again amazing version. Always the best service

    Masterblaster was The Seller

  15. Petedogg50 left Positive feedback   

    Thank You for the Thor Ragnarok. Top ten steelbook in my collection. Always the Best

    Masterblaster was The Seller

  16. LMT0286 left Positive feedback   

    this guy is the man. hes always helping me out with questions and of course hooking me up with awesome steels. Thanks brother.

    Masterblaster was The Seller

  17. AlexMacOl left Positive feedback   

    Thanks for the awesome packages you always send me!

    Masterblaster was The Seller

  18. Grendel left Positive feedback   

    Rcvd HDZeta Bats Begind 1-click (empty) box today in pristine condition! Thanks again!

    Masterblaster was The Seller

  19. cypheria078 left Positive feedback   

    Thank you John ! Blade Runner is safe now with my Hdzeta family. Always a pleasure to deal with you ;-)

    Masterblaster was The Seller

  20. Maverick left Positive feedback   

    As always, PERFECT. Thank you so much for helping me to get these beauty my friend ❤️❤️

    Masterblaster was Trading

  21. Guiltybyproxy left Positive feedback for a topic   

    SELL Ghost in the Shell UHD Club Leather edition
    Always great doing business with you, John. You still make collecting fun and exciting. It goes without saying that I highly recommend you to any and all.

    Masterblaster was The Seller

  22. AlexMacOl left Positive feedback   

    Another shipment well packaged and safely received! CHARADE, RPO and Stranger Things 2 all in perfect conditions! THANKS John! You're the Man!

    Masterblaster was The Seller

  23. icewire left Positive feedback   

    Just received my Steelbook in perfect condition. Thank you John

    Masterblaster was The Seller

  24. AlexMacOl left Positive feedback   

    John, what to say? Thank you! Pan's Labyrinth, Hot Fuzz, The Silence of The Lambs and Blad Runner, all here! And for so much more, THANK YOU!

    Masterblaster was The Seller

  25. Vinyl4Giants left Positive feedback for a topic   

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