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Masterblaster's Feedback

  1. Twall97 left Positive feedback   

    Got my package from the Black Friday Sale. Thanks for the sale. A++

    Masterblaster was The Seller

  2. MrTwoArms left Positive feedback   

    Just received my package from the Black Friday sale. Thanks a bunch! A+++

    Masterblaster was The Seller

  3. Veum left Positive feedback   

    I just want to take time and thank you John for your very kind Black Friday sale. You are the “Man” my friend w/ your generous attitude and warm caring, I luv you “man” (in a good way, you know lol)! Your friend Veum!

    Masterblaster was The Seller

  4. pud333 left Positive feedback   


    Masterblaster was The Seller

  5. Whoisjfox left Positive feedback   

    Wasn’t sure this was possible to get... he MADE it possible! Haha! GREAT communication! Fast Shipping!

    Masterblaster was The Seller

  6. Hal9000 left Positive feedback   

    John was amazing in getting my 1st FYE request of x6 steelbooks, as well as, the communication needed during the transaction. Much appreciated all around and I'm definitely looking forward to the next order ;)

    Masterblaster was The Seller

  7. Tonic24k left Positive feedback   

    I had just joined the site as part of my growth as a collector. I graduated from steelbooks to also collecting premiums and One-Clicks. John had a few I needed and he worked with me on getting them in my hands and on my shelves. Awesome guy to work with!

    Masterblaster was The Seller

  8. LEDtec left Positive feedback   

    Fantastic seller, very helpful and friendly. Fast shipping and excellent packaging. PS: Sorry for the delay

    Masterblaster was The Seller

  9. Veum left Positive feedback   

    Thank You John so much for the FAC #112 HARDBOX Thor Ragnarok!

    Masterblaster was The Seller

  10. MovieHead left Positive feedback   

    Top verpackt und schneller Versand. Freue mich schon auf zukünftige Bestellungen. Top Forum :)

    Masterblaster was The Seller

  11. Grendel left Positive feedback   

    Rcv'd Looper and Dr Strange Steels, minty! Thanks so very much once again my friend!

    Masterblaster was The Seller

  12. Tusta567 left Positive feedback   

    Flawless Transaction!

    Masterblaster was The Seller

  13. hansreinhardt left Positive feedback   

    Quick and easy transaction. So happy to have the 2001 WCL edition, thanks so much for your help!

    Masterblaster was The Seller

  14. uBad left Positive feedback   

    Great guy, fast shipping and always well packaged!

    Masterblaster was The Seller

  15. FilmZilla left Positive feedback   

    Number 1 Psycho in town. Thanks again John.

    Masterblaster was The Seller

  16. leelee17 left Positive feedback   

    Helped me out with my 2001 WCL. A true hero. Many thanks!!!

    Masterblaster was The Seller

  17. Veum left Positive feedback   

    Thank You Big John for a perfect transaction, The Matrix is marvelous!

    Masterblaster was The Seller

  18. Veum left Positive feedback   

    Thanks so much for another well done delivery!

    Masterblaster was The Seller

  19. Grendel left Positive feedback   

    Thanks for the lovely new treasures my friend!

    Masterblaster was The Seller

  20. Tusta567 left Positive feedback   

    Flawless Transaction! Very Pleased!

    Masterblaster was The Seller

  21. MissGumby03 left Positive feedback   

    Amazing packaging. Thank you

    Masterblaster was The Seller

  22. mwatkins02 left Positive feedback   

    Packaging was fantastic as usual. And speedy delivery. Thank you very much. Great job!

    Masterblaster was The Seller

  23. Mixpower left Positive feedback for a topic   

    SELL2001 : A Space Odyssey 4K and 2D Bluray !! [WCL Exclusive #017]
    Thanks again John for the great buy! Until next time for sure!

    Masterblaster was The Seller

  24. Veum left Positive feedback   

    Thanks so much big John for getting me this great WeET Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, it is beautiful, you're the "best" Boss! :-)

    Masterblaster was The Seller

  25. cypheria078 left Positive feedback   

    Thank you John for selling me premium editions at fair price 😍.

    Masterblaster was The Seller

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