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  1. With 10 beers I probably would've liked it ? this movie is unbearable being sober
  2. And I think we are friends .... La prochaine fois que nous garderons Alsace Lorraine
  3. Yes. Them and Buster Keaton. Those were the days. ?
  4. Sorry @Admiral Thrawn I believe @PRIAPISM is correct. ... not even seen the movie. ?
  5. To much beer my friend? The movie is good ?
  6. Check them out on you tube nils ... proper good old fashioned slapstick comedy you won’t see anywhere else ... truly classic comedy ... in B/W no colour then .... absolute quality Oliver Hardy was American and Stan Laurel was British ... you should really check them out ....Laurel and Hardy
  7. @Admiral Thrawn @extantsrevenge Hey, danke euch Jungs! ? Und @thomue1987 ist auch noch BVB Fan... besser kann es hier echt nicht laufen... Heja BVB! ?
  8. @ksosk those Media Psychos Exclusive Art Cards are spectacular, some of the art I have never seen before, great work as always ? My favorite from the pictures is this one but the others are so sweet as well, nice, very nice. Will be a treat for all members who get a copy through the Exclusive Media Psychos Group Buy ?
  9. I may just do that .... will take a bit of time though .......
  10. As Warner has made a last minute decision to change the artwork used for this release, a new beauty shot has been updated in OP. Also listed are the sample exclusive Mediapsychos cards to go along with each purchase. Cheers, KS
  11. Impressive ! ... I would like to see your whole collection. You just give small glimpses everynow and then ... ?
  12. It most certainly will .... I have a DVD complete collection ....... so will be keeping an eye on this ....
  13. Blos nicht, dann werde ich pleite! ?
  14. 3 UHDs für 50€ bei saturn.de! Auswahl aus knapp 150 Titeln.. Einzelpreis dann ca 16,67€, recht ordentlich wie ich finde!
  15. Das kann er bestimmt, einfach hier mal nachfragen ?
  16. Hello. I was directed to this forum by a friend who is a member here. I'm a long standing member over on the Sideshow Freaks message board. Commonly known as greygoose (or just goose or gg). In my spare time I like to make forum signatures/ signature groups for users and I keep an archive . Time permitting I'm happy to make signatures for anyone who requires one given time. I use a standard format of 500x150 pixels (a perfect fit for this forum). If you would like a signature making please message me here on MP. Here is an example of a signature I recently made for Sauerkraut: I recently ran an Avengers: Infinity War sig group over on Sideshow Freaks: After years of posting on various message boards my overall aim is to spread some joy and positivity amid the world that is a crazy and sometimes downright negative internet community. Kind regards, -gg
  17. Mother! 7/10 You sure know what to expect from Darren Aronofsky by now and this one is no exception. It was fun to work on theories about the meaning of all of this while watching. Unfortunately I am not sure I did get the movie....probably not. But that is not really important. I was entertained the entire time and sometimes shocked Performences were pretty good, directing too and there were some cool original ideas. Two thumbs up for that. I recommend this movie to those who like Aronofsky's others.
  18. I get Johnny Walker Honey ? @nefilim .... you must leave the thread ... bye bye ?
  19. It´s to lot of, is Whiskey okay, too? ?
  20. @PRIAPISM Hatte angst seine vernischtende Bewertung zu Skyscrapers zu posten, nach dem ich ihn gut fand ? Skyscraper 4/10 Terrible movie with no own ideas. I've seen it all before, just way better (*Ghost protocol*). Johnson was weak too. Very forgettable movie. I would not recommend seeing it
  21. In a quiet place : 9/10 - did not like the ending. Ghost Stories : 7/10 - cool smaller horror movie. Ready Player one : 6/10 - awesome game scenes, otherwise stupid. Only the brave : 7/10 - nice action/drama. not too much flagwaving considering... ?
  22. Hatori

    Dies und Das

    Noch eine Woche arbeiten und dann Urlaub. Hoffe, dass das schöne Wetter dann noch ein paar Tage anhält.
  23. Thanks for the information. There are many movies with "Subsonic" bass(less then 16hz). There is a list somewhere but I have to find it. Here it is: https://www.avsforum.com/forum/113-subwoofers-bass-transducers/2763785-ultimate-list-bass-movies-w-frequency-charts.html I haven't followed it as much as I use to but a lot of today's movies will have content down to 3-5hz. Very hard to reproduce but some can.
  24. icewire

    Dies und Das

    Am Montag kann es in Portugal bis 51 Grad warm werden, also wieso beschwert ihr euch ?
  25. fänd ich gar nich so verkehrt. Man liest in der Regel immer die paar gleichen, in den GBs sind dann aber mal eben teils über 100 Leute eingeschrieben.
  26. Hi @Kingpin I believe that there are several scenes in Artificial Intelligence that are good for testing out systems one such scene is when the AI gets left at the roadside to fend for himself .. the sound of the doors opening on the car is supposed to be a really low bass sound ..... and a good test for subs .... sad to say I don’t here it ...☹️..... but I bet your system would rock the foundations.....
  27. Hatori

    Dies und Das

    Da wären wir beim Thema "Mindestbeiträge" bevor man an einer GB teilnehmen darf.?
  28. Mises à jour de Star Wars Blufans: Les demandes de "The Last Jedi" pour tous les membres commencent maintenant. Il est important de noter qu'il s'agit d'une version extrêmement limitée pour un Blufans Stars Wars et que le maintien de l'ordre des listes ne peut être maintenu que pour une courte période (minimum 24 heures). Pour ceux qui sont très en retard sur la liste, je vous recommande d’attendre que cette période soit écoulée, ce qui sera votre meilleure chance de sécuriser une édition. Les quantités exactes disponibles ne sont pas encore connues. En outre, seuls 1X exemplaire par éditionpeuvent être demandés car il y a trop de demande pour le tirage donné. Merci de votre compréhension
  29. Answer from Manta Lab Customer Service on the question of whether the Steelbook will be released later this year. "Dear Customer, Thanks for the email. We are working on the DP2 but similar to the first one, there are a lot of artwork restriction with this release so we think it will take little longer than what we initially planned. We do hope to release this movie in this year so please wait for our update! Thank you! Best regards, Manta Lab"
  30. Merci beaucoup @Benoit46... LePousson
  31. Loved their films as a kid ! Interesting. @Scary Hair @ukade2327 @DodgyDave @extantsrevenge
  32. Catgirl

    Dies und Das

    Kann ich verstehen, iwi schrumpfen die Tv immer mit der Zeit. Unser 65 Zöllner ist mir auch schon viel zu klein.......... ?
  33. I received these today from Ines / metal.chick on IG ? I wonder if she knows how famous she is here and has a thread going ?? The Crow steel is from the Xmas gift exchange that @extantsrevenge so kindly sent me. And now is properly treated to a slip since no retailer seems to want to handle a premium. I hope you enjoy the pics @Masterblaster @Scary Hair
  34. That is surprising. Maybe the cancelled/failed payments back up for sale?
  35. Lass dir mal von @goose_3387 nen schöne Signatur machen, @hummels23 . Ist ja nen riesen Bild jedesmal da unten mit dran. ?
  36. New glorious GB arrivals from 2 days ago ? Thanks so much @Scary Hair @thomue1987 @Masterblaster and the rest of the Team ? For everyone who also wants cool Media Psychos stuff like the T-Shirt or the great Card Holder, check out the store, only limited quantities available. @ksosk look I also got my Wonder Woman UHD Media Psychos Card and Sticker ? The new Gold Membership card looks terrific, makes a nice pair with the one from last year. Also one of my Card Holders has the number I get on my HDZeta, very awesome, the other a very special number as well ?
  37. You need the proper setup. The first time I built my 18" ported subs I was told to play the scene from Finding Nemo when Nora knocks on the glass of the fish tank. 2 x 5000 watt amplifiers started to clip and I thought a bomb hit the house. Very intense scene at around 8hz and very loud. Same happened with War of the Worlds at the beginning with the machines coming out from the ground and the ground breaking. 4-10hz for about 20-30 seconds. You swear the drywall was being sucked off the walls. Now with the 2 x 21" subs I have that same Nora scene I use to scare the hell out of people. If my neighbours give me a hard time I loop the War of the Worlds scene with the windows open and play it with the sub power 20db above reference with the subs run even hotter.
  38. logo please dont mind me on Klopp. I miss him so much but LFC is the only club in the world i like beside of Dortmund. The Kop is just..WOW! ❤️
  39. One year on from the original preorder and the gorgeous T2 Endoarm finally lands in the collection. Welcome home son. 20180720_184104.mp4

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