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  2. RhodW

    Rare Auction

    One up on eBay #17: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F283201670171 12 hours left at time of posting
  3. nefilim


    Heli liked it. I haven't seen.
  4. Scary Hair


    Romance I have an allergic reaction to Rom Com's and Romantic based movies. The set looked great❤❤ just not on my to watch list ever ?
  5. nefilim


    ...what's wrong with Love Rosie ?
  6. Scary Hair


    ONE to be proud of for sure @ukade2327 ???❤❤ I have seen a few . I did not have enough to qualify . I can live with this and missing out on Wolf Of Wall Street as long means I don't have to have Love Rosie amongst my Editions ?❤.
  7. ukade2327


    At 500 copies it may not be a Grail but FAC Black Hawk Down is to me my most Prized edition , simply because you had to earn it by sending all those pics of your collection , at a minimum of 35 , ( I had @ 42 at the time so I managed to get in and be considered for a copy .........Not seen many for sale since ........
  8. extantsrevenge


    For FAC Elektra is rare, but with 300 copies that might no be a Grail, it is the FAC I had to pay the most for ?
  9. @Masterblaster and you told me they were all gone when I got they other early ones from you all these years ago ? But no worries I did not have to pay any insane amount (like @Benoit46 had to, to get his WoWS ?) extantsrevenge 30,- Euro (bought when FA was still not really known ?) #093 Sealed
  10. extantsrevenge nothing 0,- Euro #012 Sealed
  11. I own #143. Paid $100 for it. It’s brand new and sealed.
  12. I own #9. I used to have pictures of it on my phone but I’ve gotten a new phone since I bought it late last year so no pics atm. I bought mine unsealed since it was too good of a deal to pass up (compared to what it was usually going for), in pristine condition, and I planned on opening up a sealed copy immediately anyway as I am in the supposed 5% that actually loves the movie. Such a wicked steelbook and overall design. I’ll share pics another day when I finally finish unpacking and pull it out lol.
  13. If they end up in good condition and you end up selling I’d definitely be interested!
  14. Scary Hair


    Mine are the ones that are a real hunt to find . Thire worth is practically nothing to any collector other than myself ? . Looking at the delights some of you guys have already posted fun times and clean underwear will be needed ?❤❤. Let the FUN begin ❤❤
  15. Names, names, names ! #Number ? Dare to tell the price you paid ? Open/closed ?
  16. sorry but im not selling them until i can be sure that they are without any damage. The lower 3 im not selling at all , sorry !
  17. MB Dont have did not feel like going through the hups I think Nils has one ...
  18. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !? LOL. What's your asking price ?
  19. Masterblaster

    Let's reveal ourselves !

    well yeah but i felt more compelled to sell it because i made a bobo on the gb numbers...and members come first LOL
  20. MB 003 ,005, 007 (have about 4 more in Storage somewhere) Paid Retail as i offered a GB for that release on the German Forum SEALED (all)
  21. Masterblaster

    Let's reveal ourselves !

    MB DONT HAVE anymore , sold mine to a MP member SOLD
  22. 2 - you greedy bas....d ! ?
  23. nefilim

    Let's reveal ourselves !

    I've seen it too. Not too bad. The new one by the same directors "The Endless" is cool one too ! (Sequel to Resolution)
  24. #97 and # 145. Both sealed. From SA via MP.
  25. DodgyDave

    Let's reveal ourselves !

    Yes #69 sealed. Had the Italian steelbook. Watched the film from that. Reasonable film. Beautiful steelbook. ?


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