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Do you Double Dip or even Triple or quadruple Dip ....?....occasionally a Movie comes along where you just have to have every single edition that's released , so here I want to see pictures of your Multi edition Mania , that's right folks all of them ................

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Oooh ...yesss .......!!!..... I like that one too ...,, shiny , shiny ,.......🤣🤣......
  3. 38 Editions of the same Movie 😱 @CaliFTW83 that is insane (in a good way), you fit perfectly in here on Media PSYCHOS 😂👍
  4. Haha, actually I think my Infinity War collection is bigger now 🤔, and that's without Blufans, which I am highly anticipating 🤩
  5. How about a monopoly....🤣...wow ... you sure are a media psycho....🤪👍... 38 copies gotta be a record .... perhaps we should open a 38 Special club ... but I think you would be a bit lonely there ....😜...
  6. What do you call 38 copies of the same movie? 🤔😅
  7. ???..............I think I got the same Problem.........???
  8. How Lush ?? that's a double dip and then some alright . See we are perfectly normal after all
  9. Since I just got all my FAC Prometheus, I also made a pictures with my older editions for that movie. Looks like I have to many for a movie I don't like that much ?, but it's part of Alien somehow, so whatever ?
  10. One day I may pick one Edition up one day ???. I got fed up of waiting. Guess i decided to think Jog On Film Arena ???
  11. @Scary Hair those are some nice individual movie collections ? (Gladioator ) but no FAC for Dredd ? that was a WEA Steelbook you need that ? @larson1977 I like your collecting taste ? Terminator, Fight Club, Blade Runner, Mad Max, I have many of those as well and also multible of Drive & SPR, Sicario too, but that one only because I need all FAC Editions (still good movie). I guess I have to think about a double dipper Award ?
  12. Holy cow .. @larson1977 ... you’re double dip collection is amazing , a true media psycho ... I am in awe of your Terminator collection .... superb ...
  13. @larson1977 You put me to shame ???????? Fantistic to see such amazing editions from all over the world . Thanks for sharing . Can not wait for parts 3 , 4 , 5 keep em coming I bet you'll hit 3 futures ??❤❤
  14. PART 1 Fight Club Blade Runner & Blade Runner 2049 Deadpool & Deadpool 2 Drive Sicario Saving Private Ryan Mad Max Fury Road
  15. I Know the feeling double dipping don't cover it Can not resist the The Thing Original Or Prequel Sequel Come to mamma ?❤❤❤
  16. Latest update on The Thing Collection I added Mondos Steelbook and its a Beauty,,,,,, And HMVs VHS collection edition .... So now I got all these .....until the next release ............
  17. Yep both the Steelbook and the movie ... couldn’t decide which to go for so I got both..German and French...... hey , why not ...?.....
  18. I see you got that German Thing prequel steel ... its cool isn't it ?
  19. This is another Movie I just cant get enough of ........Why ? you may ask ........... hey its John Carpenter at his best and its one of the best Horror movies ever .......yes you guessed right its........................... Play.com Steelbook Arrow US Release Collectors Edition U.K Release Steelbook and collectors edition French Release The Thing Prequal SteelbookGerman Release The Thing Prequal

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