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Pros & cons. 3D & 4K films to show off and the worst. Are both just waste of money ? Note : You do not have to own either to join the discussion.

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  2. Passive all the way. I have the last model gen OLED LG with Passive 3d...amazing in 1080P for 3D movies.
  3. Welcome @Maverick ! Feel free to post !
  4. Cheers. Always happy to get recommendations for good 3D / 4K films. Got an OLED 65" C6V so get the best of both worlds. The 3D is unbelievable so I keep having to decide what format to watch things on!
  5. Valerian and the City of the Thousand Planets was awesome in 4K ! ?
  6. I prefer passive, light glasses. No head ache. Cheap glasses. No batteries.
  7. @Luvsteels I have similar LG - you can see my model on gear page... get it get it get it get it get it ... lol.
  8. Watched Avatar again on the weekend in 3D, still looks amazing
  9. Yer I have a 3D 4k 55 inch LG it's a beast but I'm looking into the oled TVs aswell again like you said when price drops a bit I will get one lol
  10. Not Quite Yet I don't Think ...........but I got My eye on an LG 55" E6V 4K 3D OLED TV ...........................just need the price to Drop..............................
  11. I also think bvs was amazing and mad max
  12. The revenant is good 4k one the best I have seen
  13. Dredd is pretty good so is guardians Of The gal and I've gota say tron legacy is petty dam good aswell
  14. Better get one quick manufactures have stopped making 3D tv have they not (I could be wrong) and the 4th transformers film with mark whalberg is crazy good there's a shot with a dinosaur in the first minute that no joke pokes his head so far out my dam tv I can slap it in the face best effect I have seen on any film ever
  15. @nefilim Wait for 8K future proof then LOL . The 3D glasses would drive me crazy glasses over glasses . Seen some 4K in showrooms and they are always ramped up to the Max to show them at thire best . Our philosophy is if its not broke dont fix it . Our old TV had a big back you had to hit it on the top right back section to get a full picture on the screen ??. Not sure on the curved screen type .
  16. Haven't got a 3D TV ................................... but I need one ...................
  17. @Scary Hair Which is better 3D or 4K ?
  18. Come on peope / members : Dredd is Awesome in 3D - @Scary Hair don't you agree ?! Kong : Skull Island 3D ain't bad ?
  19. Hey Nef what model TV is that......?

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