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Losing your mind with all the premiums ? Worry not, come here and calm down ...

  1. What's new in this club
  2. I keep finding new things when I look deeper in this forum. It's like reddit. So many different little subforums all over the place.
  3. @Kingpin nice of you to join these clubs ! Have to update these clubs asap with new stuff. ?
  4. The Movies : "Original Story Arc" Episode I : The Phantom Menace Episode II : Attack of the Clones Episode III : Revenge of the Sith Episode IV : A New Hope Episode V : The Empire Strikes Back Episode VI : Return of the Jedi Episode VII : The Force Awakens Blufans Exclusive #40 Episode VIII : The Last Jedi The Last Jedi - Target Exclusive Digibook Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD) (Walmart Exclusive - Collectible Packaging) Star Wars : The Last Jedi (MovieNEX Premium Box) (Limited) Star Wars:The Last Jedi WEA Steelbook (3D+2D+Bonus BD) Blufans Exclusive #47 "Spin Offs" Star Wars : The Clone Wars Rogue One : A Star Wars Story Solo : A Star Wars Story
  5. Star Wars Premiums ...under construction... Pls. send hints n tips !
  6. ....and welcome here too @Cheaptrick !
  7. @nefilim Thank you very much ?
  8. Welcome > @Mrs.Robinson Nice of you to join !
  9. .... I cannot ... right away ... LOL. Gotta Think !
  10. PA - Manta - BluFans - FAC - #Who ? Name The Best Premium Company ... and Why ?
  11. Marvel Digibooks ! All Over The World Fantastic Four (2015) Digibook + Slipcover Target Exclusive [USA] Spider-Man Trilogy Origins Digibook ??? The Amazing Spider-Man Evolution Collection Digibook (Walmart Exclusive) [Canada] Spider-Man Trilogy Origins Collection Digibook) (Walmart Exclusive) [Canada + USA} Spiderman Evolution Collection Digibook [Italy] Thor Ragnarök Target Exclusive Digibook [USA] X-Men Collection Digibook [Canada/USA] X-Men: Apocalypse Target Exclusive Digibook [USA] X-Men: Apocalypse Digibook (Amazon UK Exclusive) X-Men Apocalypse Digibook [Spain] X-Men: Days of Future Past 2D / 3D, Digibook [UK] X-Men Origins: Wolverine Blu-ray Digibook [France] Logan Target Exclusive Digibook [USA]
  12. This is an awesome collection for just starting!!!!! Ugh, I love it. Are you a big Arnie fan @HAITHAM? I hope to one day get some of the copies you have... But seriously, such a great start.
  13. Waowwww ? Thank You for your help MP??
  14. @HAITHAM You say MP HELPED Well . @atomicblonde @Masterblaster @Benoit46 @Viper0210 @ukade2327 @Sicksol @Masterblaster @Pbsw23 @mr_wick LOOK UP ☝☝☝. @nefilim WELL SAID MY FRIEND ?
  15. Very Nice Collection - Thank you for sharing !!!
  16. Hi, I joined the club just to share my passion with you! I love premium editions ?, my collection is still small but it will quickly grow with your help ☺️ Thank You
  17. Welcome @HAITHAM ! May I ask what made you join ? Doesn't have to be anything "special" ... glad to have you !
  18. I guess some people are happy with the basic things in life , Why have Cotton when you can have silk, ? Why have Amaray when you can have Premium Steel ? Aim for the higher things in life....... Be one of the few instead of one of the many ... Soar like an Eagle instead of Flying with Turkeys..........!

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