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Here we share our love for PA's releases of pure Beauty !

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  2. Cool @nefilim I would have gotten that, but with english subtitles missing, it's a no go. Thanks for the info @huseyin.
  3. Passed on Om Shanti Om. Not seen Still Walking. Love I Saw the the Devil - awesome movie ! ?
  4. The worst movie was om shanti om, best movie is probably Still Walking and I Saw the devil
  5. Blue is the warmest colour, king of pigs and Melancholia goes for £200 i saw the devil goes for £100 theae are what I see them go for online
  6. Guys be aware there will be no English subs on this title. Japanese audio, maybe korean audio and korean subs.
  7. The cover is very minimalistic haha. No characters featured.
  8. Summer Wars PA#049 IMO not steelbook ? @ksosk @extantsrevenge
  9. Stick with me/MP and you won't miss a thing ! ? Son of Saul is awesome film too, but for me one time watch. Depressing. Sad. ...and did not like the over the shoulder cinema photography. But if not seen, check it out.
  10. how do you guys get to see these movies .....I never even heard of them....... am i missing something.... (apart from the films )......
  11. So exited for Drug War, Detroit, Thelma and Incendies ! @Scary Hair @ukade2327
  12. @ksosk @extantsrevenge @huseyin See above - upcoming PA's !
  13. ...yes, these patches are included in the Blu-ray (Carol) pre-order live HERE
  16. Ooohhh ooohhh @nefilim I have not all steels and not that many LOVE them all
  17. don't even go there.... I thought they would have split up by now but still going strong... I first saw them in 1980.....supporting def leppard dec2018....if they can stay alive till then...

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